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You don’t have to leave to learn more about another part of the world—or even your own! Hosting a PAX high school exchange student from one of more than 70 nations opens your eyes to how people live thousands of miles away. You may even see your own way of life with a new perspective.

Exchange students aren’t tourists. They seek total immersion into everyday life in the United States—and especially the experience of living with an American family. Host families come in many forms: single adults, retired couples, and families with children. Each of them benefits by gaining a new family member—an eager international ambassador with much to share.

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Shared Learning

Regardless of whether they hail from a tiny rural village or a big city, foreign exchange students find life in America to be completely different from what they know. They learn a lot from everyday life, especially since they go to high school. From choosing their classes to being exposed to the extraordinary array of extracurricular activities—school is often what excites them most when they first consider spending 10 months in the U.S.

Having exchange students in a high school is the ultimate teaching tool. Teachers of any discipline benefit from having a fresh perspective in their classroom, and those who teach a foreign language, history, or social studies find that natives from other countries add deeper meaning to their lessons.

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Unwavering Local Support

Life is full of ups and downs, and there are sure to be both during an exchange student’s time in America. Fortunately, PAX Community Coordinators are nearby to ensure that exchange students adjust to their new surroundings, stay on track at school, get involved in the community, and participate in additional activities with other exchange students in the area. Exchange students and their host families can call on their local Community Coordinator for guidance and support in any situation.

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Abroad Opportunities for American Teens

There’s a whole world outside the U.S. While many American college students choose to study abroad, young people seeking a seriously transformative experience in which they develop the skills to engage globally immerse themselves in another culture and language during the formative high school years. Participants live with a host family, attend a local high school (on academic programs), gain an advantage for college admissions, and learn a second language. Semester, academic year, and short-term summer programs are available.

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