NP:J 2024 Tours

Osaka Castle

2023 NP:J student Matthew Lawrence visits Osaka Castle with his host family, the Matsushitas. Like Matthew, this summer U.S. students will once again have the opportunity to "Experience the Spirit of Japan"—due in no small part to the generosity of the NP:J and Laurasian Institution communities.


162 Generous Donors!

This past spring/summer, we asked you to help #saveNPJ. Fuel surcharges on airline tickets had left a serious shortfall in the program's budget, and the future of NP:J was in the balance. We were very impressed—and humbled frankly—by just how many of you in the NP:J and Laurasian Institution communities got involved: fundraising on our behalf, providing donations, or even just helping get the word out.

In the end, we received contributions from 162 donors, totaling $106,054. To complete the campaign, the dedicated Laurasian Board committed an additional $100,000—bringing us to where we needed to be. It is also worth noting that the Laurasian Institution team continues to work hard to secure support for NP:J and further ensure the future health of this important program.

As a result of all these efforts and contributions, we are pleased to be able to say that NP:J is officially a "go" for this summer! That's right—just like the 5,000+ American students before them, this summer, a brand-new cohort will gain a New Perspective through the oldest and largest school-to-school Japan study-travel program.

We couldn't be happier, and we couldn't have done it without you!

2024 Dates Announced

Like 2023's record-breaking summer (350 American NP:J students!), the 30th installment of the New Perspectives: Japan program will once again offer two possible intakes.

  • Tour 1: June 7 - June 20, 2024
  • Tour 2: June 28 - July 11, 2024

The 2024 program is open to all U.S. middle and high schools* (groups lead by the school's Japanese teacher). Eligible students should be looking to begin or extend their study of Japanese language and/or culture. If traveling as part of a school group, pupils must be at least 11 years of age by the time of the study tour. 

Interested students who do not have a school group may also participate. These "Ronin" participants should be 15 or older (at time of tour) and seeking to start or expand their study of Japan and/or the Japanese language. Students participating individually are placed in groups with other students based on tour date and location and are supervised by a lead teacher selected by Laurasian Institution.

Whether participating as a group or individually, the application deadline for summer 2024 tours is December 1, so don't wait—get started now! Scholarship opportunities are also available and will be awarded based on a combination of merit and need.

On a final note, while NP:J has introduced thousands of American youth to Japan's rich cultural traditions and welcoming people since its 1992 inception, our staff never tire of seeing Nippon anew each summer, through the eyes of NP:J students. We can hardly wait for what you'll teach us this time around!

—The New Perspectives: Japan team at Laurasian Institution


*College-level programs available upon request