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Expand Your World

Few experiences rival the power of truly entering another culture—feeling the emotions others experience; thinking with a mentality that was not your own; viewing the world through another’s eyes. NP:J provides this opportunity.

As an NP:J student, you take an active role from the beginning, selecting a study theme with your teacher, spending several months exploring the topic, and sharing insights and reflections. This prepares you for your travel in Japan, where your newfound knowledge empowers you to be much more than a tourist—allowing you instead to develop a deeper understanding of Japan, the Japanese people, and forever influencing your global perspective.

A Unique Cultural Opportunity

History, art, politics, government, sociology, and language come to life as never expected when immersed in another culture. Your thoughts and insights also carry new weight. After all, you present a unique point of view while representing the U.S. on school visits. NP:J provides students the chance to live another culture as a member of a host family. Your most powerful experiences could very well be the meals you share, the unassuming after dinner talk, and being shown what family means in another culture.

Claim Your Future

Being able to point to the successful completion of NP:J will be a significant advantage when applying to schools, fellowships, and scholarships. Likewise, having developed the confidence and maturity necessary for NP:J will benefit you on a personal level when going away to college, claiming your independence, and shaping your future.

No School Group to Join? Sign up as a "Ronin!"

Students 15 and up with no school group to join can sign up unaffiliated as a "Ronin" and join another group with an opening or be supervised by a lead teacher selected by Laurasian Institution (although we know in their hearts, they are truly samurai with no master!).

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"I Remember How Inspired I Was..."




  • Tour 1: June 6 - June 20, 2024
  • Tour 2: June 27 - July 11, 2024

Sample Study Tour Schedule

  • Day 1: Leave from U.S.
  • Day 2: Arrive in Tokyo
  • Day 3: Study Day 1 - Tokyo
  • Day 4: Study Day 2 - Tokyo
  • Day 5-11: Homestay and school visit
  • Day 12: Travel to Kyoto, Study Day 3 - Kyoto/Kansai
  • Day 13: Study Day 4 - Kyoto/Kansai
  • Day 14: Study Day 5 - Kyoto/Kansai
  • Day 15: Return to U.S.

Student Cost

Application Deadline

  • December 1
    • All online applications (including scholarship)
    • Letters of understanding (online)
    • Program fee deposit payments ($395)
  • January 31
    • Deadline for fully-refundable cancellation
    • Program fee installment 1 due ($2,140)
  • March 15
    • Applications no longer accepted beyond this date
    • Deadline for passports
  • March 31
    • Program fee installment 2 due ($2,140)


  • NP:J is open to U.S. middle and high school students seeking to begin or extend their study of Japanese language and culture. Students traveling as part of a school group must be at least 11 years of age by the time of their study tour to participate in NP:J. Group eligibility is open to all schools and is contingent upon the lead teacher and student’s understanding of the terms and conditions.
  • Unaffiliated, individual student participation is open to individual students, age 15 or older (at time of tour), who are seeking to begin or extend their study of Japanese language and culture and are applying without a group organized by their school. Students participating individually will be placed in groups with other students based on tour date and location. Unaffiliated student groups will be supervised by a lead teacher selected by Laurasian Institution.

2024 Terms and Conditions
2024 Student Letter of Understanding


No School Group? Sign Up as a "Ronin!"