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The Jackson Bailey Scholarship

Laurasian Institution offers the Jackson Bailey Scholarship to qualified NP:J students. Named for the late Japan scholar, Professor Jackson Bailey of Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, the scholarship exists to make study in Japan a reality for students who otherwise might not be able to participate.

Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of merit and need and will be announced by January 15.

Before Getting Started: Items to Prepare for all Student Applicants

  1. Brief self-introduction (Japanese is preferred but not required)
  2. Message to your host family (Japanese is preferred but not required)
  3. One recent photo of yourself and another photo with friends or family

Additional Items for Scholarship Applicants Only

  1. Written recommendation from a teacher at school who knows you well
  2. First page of the most recent 1040 tax form (or equivalent) filed by each parent in the household, showing total income and dependents claimed for tax purposes (if parents are divorced, then copies of both parents’ tax forms are required except in extenuating circumstances)
  3. Official copy of school transcript (if in first year of high school, then an official middle school transcript and most recent report card)
  4. An essay covering all of the following topics:
    • Why should you be awarded a scholarship?
    • Why are you a worthy and unique recipient?
    • The maximum scholarship is one half of the program fee. How do you plan to finance the remainder of your New Perspectives: Japan trip? What are your plans for earning and saving money for this experience?
    • Discuss with your teacher how you plan to advocate for Japanese language programs at your school through this experience. What are your ideas?

Once You've Finished the Application

After submitting your online student application, locate the Student Letter of Understanding in the "Documents" section of the application portal. Follow the instructions to sign and upload this document to the portal.

You can make the $395 deposit payment either online or by check. For online payments, please use the deposit payment link on the portal dashboard. For payments by check, please give a check to your teacher, made payable to "Laurasian Institution," for mailing to our office.

Regardless of how you choose to pay, please inform your teacher about your payment decision. The $395 deposit is fully refundable if Laurasian Institution receives a cancellation notice on or before January 31.

Questions? Call us at 800.721.7474 or send us an email at npj[at]npjapan[dot]org.

Special Note about Passports

All program applicants are advised to obtain a valid passport as soon as possible. The deadline to submit a valid copy of your passport to Laurasian Institution is March 15. After this date, a $50 fee will be assessed.

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