Phase 1: Study Themes

Change Your Viewpoint

It’s amazing how much you can learn about something when you look at it from different angles. Through its three phases, NP:J goes beyond a typical study abroad program, allowing middle and high school students and teachers to launch or profoundly expand their study of Japanese language and culture. The impact begins with the very first phase.

Select a Study Theme

NP:J students take an active role—selecting a study theme together with their teacher. The group considers five expert-designed study themes to determine which is of greatest interest. These include:

  • Introduction to Japan
  • Episodes in Japanese History
  • Japanese Art, Architecture, and Cuisine
  • Japanese Religion and Culture: Past and Present
  • Discovering Your Japanese Heritage 

Shape the Lesson of a Lifetime

Once the group makes its choice, NP:J staff provides the carefully crafted study guides. The material for each theme includes lessons designed to prepare the class for the study tour in Japan. Each group creates a schedule for completing the lessons which is appropriate to its particular circumstances.

Of course, everything theoretically explored in the classroom is soon-to-be literally explored on the ground. With this interplay in mind, creative instructors are able to craft an even more powerful experience. Together with the help of NP:J staff, teachers truly start shaping the lesson of a lifetime during the first phase! 


Possible Study Themes