NP:J Parents

Investment in the Future

NP:J offers exceptional value for students interested in a more thorough understanding of Japanese culture. It also provides an opportunity for your child to develop the capacity to adapt to change, become more culturally aware, and gain a greater sense of confidence and maturity. Writing about their NP:J experience will also be a great addition to your child’s college application; admissions officers recognize the importance of learning another language, traveling abroad, and living in another culture. 

The lifelong benefits of participating in NP:J can profoundly affect your son or daughter’s future. Whether working abroad or at home, the ability to understand and manage cultural differences will be crucial to your son or daughter’s success in the new global marketplace.

Fundraising and Scholarship Opportunities

With the goal of providing meaningful contact with Japanese culture, Laurasian Institution is dedicated to making the program a reality for students who otherwise might not be able to participate. For this reason, we are able to assist with fundraising ideas in addition to offering the Jackson Bailey Scholarship (see below).

Peace of Mind

We recognize the importance of providing a safe and well-organized program for the most important person in the world—your child. We organize every aspect of the program around this concern. Host schools and families are selected for their ability to provide a safe and enjoyable environment, and travel specialists are available to provide detailed assistance to each group’s teacher at the start of each study day.

In addition, a member of the NP:J staff is available via an emergency cell phone to participants and parents around the clock while in Japan. The lead teacher from each school group will also be provided a mobile phone to carry at all times. Finally, Japan’s very low crime rate, well-developed infrastructure, and general friendliness further contribute to a safe environment for each student’s once-in-a-lifetime experience to transpire—worry free!


"I Can't Recommend NP:J Highly Enough!"


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