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Where will we stay in Tokyo and Kyoto?

Participants will stay in the accommodations listed below. Please note that it is not possible for NP:J to honor special requests such as single hotel rooms for students. NP:J participants will adhere to rooming assignments made by NP:J, in conjunction with lead teachers. 

Sakura Hotel Nippori
343-15 Sendagi Bunkyo-ku
Tokyo, Japan 113-0022
Telephone: 011-81-3-5685-1200

***Not available due to 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics***
National Olympic Youth Center
3-1 Kamizono-cho
Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo 151-0052
Telephone: 011-81-3-3469-2525
Fax: 011-81-03-3467-9417

Kyoto Tokyu Hotel
Gojo-sagaru, Horikawa-dori, Shimogyo-ku
Kyoto 600-8519
Telephone: 011-81-75-341-2411
Fax: 011-81-75-341-2488

Due to the tremendous amount of time and effort placed into approving NP:J host school arrangements within the Japanese school system, specific host school requests will not be acknowledged if they are not submitted by the December school group application deadline.

Will I need to carry everything I have packed when I travel from Tokyo to my homestay?

We will be using a delivery service to mail one piece of luggage when it is time to travel from Tokyo to your homestay or from the homestay to the hotel in Kyoto. This service is provided, because there is not much room for luggage on the subways and trains that will be used to travel to and from the host families’ homes. The delivery service will typically deliver your luggage to your homestay the day after your arrival. If you are being hosted by a school in Okinawa, or in a location considerably further away from Kyoto, the delivery may take two nights. Therefore, each person should plan to pack overnight articles and at least one set of clothes in a small bag that can be carried on the train or plane.

Do students ever venture out individually?

Groups must stay together unless the lead teacher gives permission to split up. If the lead teacher feels that an area is particularly safe and easy to navigate, they may let students explore or shop on their own for an hour or two.

How will the group travel between sites and attractions?

Participants will be traveling from attraction to attraction using Tokyo and Kansai’s highly-efficient public transportation system. NP:J will provide each participant with a reloadable IC Card (metro card) in Tokyo. With assistance from the lead teacher, participants will add value to their cards at the beginning of each day.

If a participant loses her/his card, she/he is responsible for purchasing a new card (less than $5) plus that day’s transportation costs (less than $20).

Can a teacher stay in Japan after the program end?

Yes, as long as another teacher/chaperone travels with the students back to the U.S. Laurasian Institution is happy to book a return flight, and it will be included in the program fee. That said, the teacher is responsible for any differences in airfare if changing the date of the return ticket results in a higher ticket cost than the rest of the group. (This is the same policy for any student who plans to stay in Japan after the program end date.)

Can a student stay in Japan after the program end?

Student participants who do not return with the group will be issued a one-way ticket and refunded the difference from the group airfare rate. They will be required to submit a program withdrawal form and will be responsible for arranging their personal return plans.