Program Impact

NP:J Alum Desmon Hickson, who participated in 2005 when he was a junior high student at Sudbrook Magnet School (Baltimore, MD), recently got back in touch with NP:J staff at Laurasian Institution to let us know how much the program has meant to him and the course of his life. Already in Japan this past summer, Desmon was gracious enough to jump back into the NP:J world with us, addressing July program students at the Tokyo Olympic Village orientation.

After continuing to study Japanese in high school, Desmon minored in Japanese at Temple University, worked at a Japanese corporation, and was studying intensive Japanese in-country when he met back up with us. Having just recently took the second-highest level of the Japanese Language Proficiency exam, he was staying with his original NP:J host family while prepping! 

Have a look at what he has to say about the impact of the program on his life during this one-on-one filmed near the entrance of the Meiji Shrine complex.