NP:J Needs Your Help

New Perspectives: Japan (NP:J) is the oldest and largest school-to-school Japan study-travel program. Unfortunately, its future is in the balance. We need your help to save this important Laurasian Institution program for future students:


Dramatically increased airfares and Ukraine-war-caused fuel surcharges have left a $200,000 shortfall in NP:J’s budget—this, even after building in 30% increases for expected airfare hikes. In fact, the final quotes for airfare alone would have been spot on. Unfortunately, every ticket now has an additional, extraordinary fuel surcharge of nearly $600 on top of the price of each student’s ticket. The program cannot sustain such a significant loss.


As such, we have created a fundraiser and invite you to visit the campaign webpage at to donate and/or enter the online raffle. With each $20 raffle ticket, you're not only helping to save NP:J, you're also securing a chance to win a round-trip international flight or a pair of round-trip domestic flights. These attractive prizes have been generously donated by Delta Air Lines.


Since 1992, NP:J has provided American students and their teachers the opportunity to delve deep into themes of Japanese language, history, society, and culture through a 2-week exchange program with a host school in Japan.

  • 5,000 U.S. Student Alumni
  • 150+ U.S. Middle and High Schools
  • 32 U.S. States
  • 5,000 Japanese Host Families
  • 130+ Japanese Host Schools
  • 200,000+ Japanese Students Engaged

Thanks so much for your help! With the entire Laurasian Institution community behind this campaign, hopefully we can ensure the future of NP:J for the next 5,000 American students.


As always,

Bradley, and
The Entire Laurasian Institution Team