JOI is a unique way to introduce Japanese culture to your organization and community—with minor out-of-pocket expenses.

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JOI coordinators are native Japanese language speakers with strong English and intercultural communication skills, as well as experience living, working, or studying outside of Japan. These independent individuals are outgoing, flexible, creative, and eager to share their extensive knowledge of both traditional and popular Japanese culture, history, and more.


During their two-year placement with your organization, JOI coordinators enhance the local community’s understanding of Japan by expanding outreach programming beyond the current capabilities of the hosting organizations. The program also helps to cultivate a new group of individuals in both Japan and the U.S. who will take leading roles in grassroots exchange.


Host organizations receive extensive program support, including training for the onsite supervisor. In return, your organization helps ensure the program’s success—introducing the coordinator to area schools, community and professional networks, and local business associations.


The program is open to nonprofits and educational institutions committed to promoting learning about Japan and located in the JOI states shown here—both the established orange JOI states as well as the newly added mountain region (featured in purple). Requirements include providing office space and computer, regular supervision and guidance, and arranging a suitable living situation for the duration of the term (usually apartment or host family), for which up to $600 is available to offset the cost. Wondering what type of organizations have hosted in the past? Check out the overview of past JOI host sites and coordinators.


JOI provides a stipend of $1,750 in the first year and $2,000 in the second year for the coordinator to use toward reimbursing travel expenses and materials purchase for local outreach activities, as well as a subsidy of up to $600 per month to offset housing costs. Additionally, JOI provides coordinators with financial support for living expenses, vehicle and insurance purchase, health insurance, and travel to and from Japan.


Application for U.S. Host Sites


Getting started is simple—just complete the brief Interest Form. After receipt, we'll contact you to discuss the program and next steps of the application process in detail. Questions? Contact Laurasian Institution staff at 800.721.7474 or joi[at]laurasian[dot]org.

Online Application1


Sample education-related activities

  • Introduction to origami, tea ceremony, taiko drums, anime, etc.
  • “Japan in a Suitcase” and teacher workshops
  • Working with curriculum specialists of district schools
  • Fundraising for Japanese Language Teachers Association
  • Language and culture competitions for K-16 students
  • Study abroad fairs, Japan clubs, JET program explanation, festivals, etc.
  • Tutoring Japanese language students at universities
  • Teaching business etiquette and useful phrases for travelers
  • Presentations on pop culture, education, government, economy, etc.
  • Demonstrations of arts, crafts, toys, food, music, etc.

Sample Organizational Development and Networking

  • Developing sister city, sister state, or sister school programs
  • Developing Japan-U.S. business relations
  • Organizing Japan festivals
  • Office administration
  • Creating Japanese welcome packet for economic development
  • ESL and tutoring for Japanese expatriates
  • Mobilizing local Japanese expat communities
  • Supporting study abroad recruitment and promotion
  • Workshops on Japanese business etiquette and customs
  • Organizing Japanese film festival

Questions? Contact Laurasian's
JOI staff in the U.S. or Japan.
+1 800.721.7474