Live in the U.S. for two years. Raise awareness about Japan among Americans. Build stronger bonds between the two countries.

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The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership and Laurasian Institution identify and select coordinators. All are Japanese nationals with a four-year university degree, excellent English skills, and strong intercultural communication and public speaking skills. They all also bring an impressive command of Japanese culture and a sincere desire to engage and share. See eligibility requirements for full qualification details.


Before ever leaving Japan, JOI coordinators participate in an intense orientation to prepare for the challenges ahead. This instruction is then complemented with further training in the U.S.—this time together with the host organization supervisor. After a few months at the host site, coordinators once again reconvene for a workshop, ensuring a smooth transition and successful program. See the JOI calendar and training program for a more complete overview.


A JOI coordinator’s activities can vary widely, depending on the needs of the host organization. A coordinator may focus on presenting Japanese culture and society to Americans of all ages—whether traditional or contemporary. A coordinator may also focus on supporting economic development initiatives, bolstering the work of international collaborations (e.g. Sister Cities, exchange programs, etc.), and engaging the local Japanese community. A more complete (though not exhaustive) list of possible activities can be found in the possible coordinator roles section below.


Whatever the activities, coordinators advance skills in areas such as public speaking, project planning, networking, and research—all while gaining valuable office work experience in the U.S., contributing to the local community, furthering program goals, making lifelong friends, and creating memories to last a lifetime! The JOI coordinator role also offers plenty of material support, including a monthly stipend, health insurance, housing, a car subsidy, and many travel expenses. Check the frequently asked questions for more complete details.


 Apply Now

If the JOI coordinator position sounds like a good fit, please complete the online application. Or, if you prefer, you may mail in the application by downloading the PDF version. This process overview will help you know what to expect.

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Possible coordinator roles

  • Lead activities and events on traditional and current Japanese culture.
  • Assist in or create outreach programs for schools, youth groups, professional groups, senior centers, children’s hospitals, libraries, etc.
  • Assist with office work to enhance outreach opportunities and support or expand communication in the local community.
  • Assist with the organization of Japan Fair Day for a Japanese holiday.
  • Participate in conversation tables, study abroad fairs, Japan or anime clubs.
  • Facilitate international outreach activities—Sister City activities, organizing a trip to Japan, pen pals, chat rooms, website creation, etc.
  • Work with area teachers and/or teacher trainers to develop discussion topics on Japanese culture and society for a variety of age levels.
  • Build bridges between the local community and local Japanese expatriates.

Material support provided to JOI coordinators

  • Reimbursement of travel expenses to the Tokyo orientation.
  • Reimbursement up to 15,000 yen towards a health check-up.
  • Preparation and return moving allowance.
  • Reimbursement of J-1 visa fee and transportation expenses to embassy or consulate.
  • One round trip ticket between Japan and the U.S.
  • Health insurance for the entire term of appointment as coordinator.
  • One-time $5,000 subsidy to be used toward purchase of a car.
  • $1,250 yearly car insurance and AAA membership stipend.
  • $1,280 monthly stipend.
  • Donated housing with host families, in dormitories, or via other housing arrangements. (Taxes are the responsibility of the coordinator.)

Questions? Contact Laurasian's
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