A Japanese language teacher and assistant teacher

Youkoso! (Welcome!)

Bring Japanese language and culture to life for your students! By welcoming an Assistant Teacher from Japan, you will not only help nurture a new generation of qualified teachers of the Japanese language, you will increase the breadth and depth of your school’s Japanese program, add a fresh young adult voice to your school and extended community, and promote cultural exchange between Japan and the U.S.

Good for All Involved

The program provides your students with the opportunity to hear and learn authentic Japanese language from a different and young, native speaker. Your community will gain a cultural promoter who engages in local cultural events and activities. And throughout the entire J-LEAP cycle, you will receive professional development (including on-site trainings in July) and support from program specialists, while improving your craft as a mentor.

A Japanese language teacher and assistant teacher

No Cost to the School

J-LEAP enhances your school’s Japanese language program at no cost to your district. The Assistant Teacher’s compensation (relocation, housing, local transportation, health insurance, and salary) is fully covered by Japan Foundation. In addition, host sites can take advantage of a $1,000 grant to purchase teaching materials that support Japan-related activities, making this a very cost-effective program boost.

The Next Level

By the end of the two-year program, Lead Teachers will be able to create and deliver standards-based unit/lesson plans, teach more effectively in Japanese, and better assess student performance. The program also challenges Lead Teachers to re-examine teaching methods, providing new avenues, ideas, and possibilities to explore. And who knows—you and your students may just make a lifelong friend!

A Japanese language teacher and assistant teacher


Lead Teacher Application

We are not currently accepting applications but have left last cycle's three-step process below for reference. Please check back this fall (2024) for the 2025-2027 program cycle application. In the meantime, feel free to contact the Laurasian Institution office at 800.721.7474 or jleap[at]laurasian[dot]org with any questions you may have.

1). Prepare Your Answers

The online application has two parts with two deadlines. It does not allow you to save your progress and return. For this reason, it is helpful to look over both parts in the "questions preview" below and prepare your answers separately before beginning.

Questions Preview1b  


2). Complete Your Application

The below link is to Part 1. It pertains to you, your school, and your program. It contains long-form questions and requires an attached resume. We will contact you shortly after submission, and if accepted, send you Part 2 at that time (Part 2 has a later deadline).



3). Submit Admin Approval

After submitting the J-LEAP Lead Teacher application online (Part 1 by Dec. 1), applicants should download, complete, and email (jleap[at]laurasian[dot]org) the administrative approval form to J-LEAP staff (also by Dec. 1).

approval form1


J-LEAP is made possible through a partnership between Japan Foundation and Laurasian Institution.

Contact Laurasian Institution:
(U.S.) +1 800.721.7474
(Japan) +81-3-3712-6176