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Being selected as a J-LEAP Assistant Teacher is both an honor and an important professional opportunity. Through the program, native Japanese looking to give their future career a jumpstart gain valuable experience in the U.S. for up two years, develop as a teacher under the guidance of an experienced professional, and hone important skills at J-LEAP trainings. Beyond that, the program represents a chance to raise awareness about Japan among Americans and improve both English language skills and understanding of American culture.


The program is open to native Japanese language speakers with a bachelor’s degree (or higher) in Japanese language education (as a major or minor) and either a Japanese language teaching competency certification or documented completion of a 420-hour professional development program for teachers of the Japanese language. Candidates are expected to prove their expertise in Japanese language education during the interview process and must be licensed to drive in Japan and/or the U.S.


In order to ensure a successful experience, J-LEAP organizes arrival, follow-up, and in-service training for program participants. Training is designed to introduce Assistant Teachers to the U.S. education system, provide experience with the most recent language education pedagogy, and provide important cross-cultural communication tools. Additionally, professional development training covers topics related to curriculum development, teaching methodologies, and best practices. Trainings also serve to develop the partnership between the teaching team.


In addition to receiving high quality of care and professional support from specialists throughout the program, Assistant Teachers are compensated for relocations costs (airfare and moving costs between Japan and the host site), health insurance, and transportation costs (stipend to defray cost of car and auto insurance). In terms of housing, Assistant Teachers are provided $500 per month which goes to the host family. When living independently, the Assistant Teacher receives up to $800 per month as a housing allowance.


Become a J-LEAP Assistant Teacher

At the end of the second year of J-LEAP, Assistant Teachers will be able to team-teach by utilizing the knowledge and skills acquired during this experience and return to Japan to share their understanding of the American educational system and life in the United States. To find out more about this exciting opportunity and to begin the application process, please visit the main website of Japan Foundation.

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J-LEAP is made possible through a partnership between Japan Foundation and Laurasian Institution.

Contact Laurasian Institution:
(U.S.) +1 800.721.7474
(Japan) +81-3-3712-6176