Middle and High School Invitation Program

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A total of 38 schools (950 participants) from middle and high school groups participated on a 10 day program around Japan that included a visit and exchange program with a local high school.  Participantsl also visited various key cultural, technological and industrial locations. Including chaperones, participating school group sent up to 25 participants.

The program was funded and organized by MOFA and the Tokyo-based Japan Foundation Youth Exchange Bureau (YEB). The Laurasian Institution (TLI), a Seattle-based organization, was responsible for preparation and post-program aspects for all US participants. Additionally, TLI facilitated and lead the US programs for student groups coming from Japan.

Additionally, for US participants, MOFA is designing the experience to emphasize the concept of “Cool Japan” and to consider themselves as future leaders with a strong interest in strengthening future relations between the two countries.






2013     American High School     Japanese Host High School  
  May 26th - Jun 5th            
      Foreign Language Immersion and Cultural Studies School MI   Nanzan Kokusai Middle School Aichi
      Adrian Schools MI   Obihiro Hakuyou High School Hokkaido
      Calloway County High School KY   Hachinohe Institute of Technology No. 2 High School Aomori
      Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts AR   Hanamaki Agricultural High School Iwate
      Miami Palmetto Senior High School FL   Gyokuryu Senior High School Kagoshima
      A. J. Dimond High School AK   Junshin High School Fukuoka
      Colorado Japanese Language Education Association CO   Obihiro Hakuyou High School Hokkaido
  Jul 1st - Jul 11th            
      Fairfax County Public Schools (Lake Braddock Secondary School, Hayfield Secondary School, South Lakes High School) VA   Kawagoe High School Mie
      Harvest Christian Academy GU   Higashi Maizuru High School / Nishi Otokuni High School Kyoto
      Richardson Independent School District TX   Ohgaki North High School Gifu
      Westside High School TX      
      Creekview High School TX   Asou High School Ibaraki
      Katy Group (Student group from Cinco Ranch High School, Katy High School, Morton Ranch High School, Seven Lakes High School) TX      
      Hall-Dale High School ME   Seiwa Gakuen High School Miyagi
      Classical High School RI   Chousei High School Chiba
  Jul 8th - Jul 18th            
      Liberty High School WA   Shingu High School Wakayama
      Bloomington High School North IN   Iwaki Sougou High School Fukushima
      Southwest High School MN   Izumi High School Osaka
      Robbinsdale Armstrong High School MN   Kobe City College of Technology Hyogo
      Whitney M. Young Magnet High School IL   Kure National College of Technology Hiroshima
      East-West School of International Studies NY   Nishio High School Aichi
      Northern Valley Regional High School District NJ   Shimonoseki Minami High School / Karyo Senior High School Yamaguchi
      Marianas High School MP      
  Jul 15th - Jul 25th            
      Rampart High School CO   Odate Homei High School Akita
      Timpview High School UT   Nakano Nishi High School Kanagawa
      Riverwood International Charter School GA   Chienkan Senior High School Saga
      Dr. Phillips High School FL   Inage High School Chiba
      Grant High School and Roosevelt High School OR      
      Walt Whitman High School and Boonsboro High School MD   Yokohama Sr. HS of International Studies Kanagawa
  Jul 8th - Jul 17th            
      Ed W. Clark High School NV   Takasaki-Keizai High School Gunma
      Los Gatos High School CA   Yokohama-Kokusai High School Kanagawa
      Mills High School CA   Igusa High School Tokyo
      Spring Valley High School NV   Miyazaki-Nishi High School Miyazaki
      Essex High School VA   Takefu-Higashi High School Fukui
      Elkins Pointe Middle School GA   Keiai High School Tottori
      Ridgewood High School NJ   Takamatsu High School Kagawa
      Bellaire High School TX   Fushiki High School Toyama
      Paul Public Charter School DC   Seido-Mikawadai High School Nagasaki



The KAKEHASHI Project aims to heighten potential interest in Japan and increase the number of overseas visitors to the country, as well as enhance international understanding of the “Japan brand,” or the nation’s strengths and attractiveness, such as Japanese-style values and “Cool Japan.” The project is also anticipated to revitalize and boost the Japanese economy.

The objective of this youth exchange project is to promote deeper mutual understanding among the people of Japan and the United States, enable future leaders of Japan-US exchanges to form networks, and help young people develop wider perspectives to encourage active roles at the global level in the future. The Invitation program refers to American schools that visit Japan.


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