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Welcome to the Japan Outreach Initiative Web Site!

Japan ranks as the 4th largest trading partner of the United States, behind Canada, China, and Mexico. Despite this fact, many of Americans have little knowledge and awareness of Japan, its culture and significance and contributions to the United States and the rest of the world.

To address this issue,
The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP) and The Laurasian Institution (TLI) designed the Japan Outreach Initiative (JOI). This program offers a grassroots opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of Japan by sending Japanese individuals to U.S. sites as volunteer coordinators of community outreach activities about Japan.

JOI's purpose is two-fold:

1. Promote interest in and study of Japan through increasing grassroots exchange between the U.S. and Japan. This is achieved by facilitating dialogue about current Japan-U.S. issues and giving Japanese language and culture presentations in communities where staffing to promote a better understanding of Japan is limited. It is hoped that these volunteer coordinators will enhance local communities' understanding of Japan by expanding outreach programming beyond the current capabilities of the hosting organizations; and

2. Cultivate a new group of individuals in both Japan and the United States who will take leading roles in grassroots exchange.

MORE INFORMATION: Host Organizations


JOI is a program that is jointly administered by CGP and TLI. Each will consult with the other in the design and implementation of the JOI program. CGP and TLI are involved in the recruiting and selection process for both coordinators and sites as well as the ongoing evaluation and quality improvements for the program. TLI assumes the operation and management of the program in the United States such as coordinating recruitment of participants, designing and implementing training in Japan and in the U.S.; site visits; and troubleshooting problems with the participants.