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The Academic Year Program offers opportunities for high school students from Asia and Europe to spend an academic year in an American high school and with an American host family.


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The Kakehashi project is a two-year initiative we are undertaking in partnership with The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership. Entitled Kakehashi, The Bridge for Tomorrow, it is a fully funded, two-week study tour to Japan for American middle, high school, undergraduate and graduate students and their teachers.

Over the course of two years, a total of 64 schools--or 1700 participants from the middle and high school group-- and 20 post-secondary institutions--or 500 participants from undergraduate and graduate institution group--will participate.

Each U.S. school group will also host their counterparts from Japan during the 2013-15 academic years.

Schools that did not participate in the Kizuna Project are given priority.

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Kakehashi Program Information




Accepting Host School Applications Now for the 2016-2018 Program Cycle! Please Visit the J-LEAP Website through the Link to the Left to Apply by January 19th, 2016!

J-LEAP endeavors to serve the needs of U.S. K-12 educational institutions and agencies seeking to strengthen their Japanese language programs as well as creating opportunities to nurture a new generation of qualified teachers of Japanese language. By participating, host organizations can provide further assistance to their teachers of Japanese language with the intention of developing even stronger programs and classes and promoting international exchange between the United States and Japan using a team-teaching approach.

Click here to watch Team Teaching Video of J-LEAP Pair in Pittsburgh.

Benefits to participating in J-LEAP include:

• Lead Teachers receive personalized coaching from a master teacher of the Japanese language
• Native Japanese language teaching assistant in classroom
• Lead Teachers are provided with annual stipend to purchase teaching materials for their classroom.

This program is funded by the Japan Foundation and jointly administered with The Laurasian Institution.

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  The Japan Outreach Initiative (JOI) offers a grassroots opportunity to develop understanding about contemporary and traditional Japan by dispatching Japanese individuals to work in communities in the Midwest and Southern U.S. These coordinators promote U.S.-Japan exchange activities and increase and enhance local communities' understanding of Japan by conducting outreach programming beyond the current capabilities of the hosting organizations. This program is jointly administered by The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership and The Laurasian Institution.   Link to Coordinator Application
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triangleNew Perspectives: Japan (NP:J) Program

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New Perspectives: Japan (NP:J) is a three-phase program that is centered around a 14-day summer study tour to Japan. Teachers with eight or more students in their groups can participate at no cost. NP:J includes a home stay, school visits, customized "study tours" in Tokyo and Kyoto, and more. Scholarships are available.

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- China -


This study program brings teacher-led school groups to China in June or July for two weeks of study days in Beijing and Shanghai and homestays which include school visits.This program is a great way for teachers to extend the experience of the classroom and give students an authentic introduction to China. This program is open to any school in the United States and Canada. Scholarships will be available.




 - Previous Programs-

C-corps, Jr.


The C-corps, Jr. program is now part of our Academic Year Program.

The mission of the C-corps, Jr. program is to build greater mutual understanding of the cultures of the United States and China among the American and Chinese participants in the high school community.


Visit our Academic Year Program website for more information.

J-corps, Jr.

  The J-corps, Jr. program is now part of our Academic Year Program. The J-corps, Jr. program is administered by The Laurasian Institution with the cooperation of the Japan Foundation Intercultural Education, a Japanese non-profit organization.

The mission of the J-corps, Jr. program is to build greater mutual understanding of the cultures of the United States and Japan among the American and Japanese participants in the high school community.

Visit our Academic Year Program website for more information.

Local Coordinators Only

Japanese Language Exchange (JALEX) Program

  This program ended in June of 2001. An assistant teacher program that placed native Japanese speakers in American elementary, middle, and high schools to team teach with experienced Japanese language teachers who are usually non-Japanese. This teaming of cultural and pedagogical expertise resulted in an especially dynamic classroom experience and heightened understanding of the connection between language and culture.   Prospectus
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The Kizuna Project was a one-year program and applications are currently not being accepted.

The Laurasian Institution jointly administered Kizuna (Bonds of Friendship) with The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP). This project provided for a fully funded, two-week study tour to Japan for 1,000 American high school students and their teachers. These participants also hosted 1,000 Japanese high school students from the Tohoku area during the 2012-13 academic year.

Currently, fifty-five Japanese college students are participating in English language courses in D.C. and N.Y.C. Upon completion of their studies, each will embark on an internship throughout the U.S. These internships will take place this summer. Funded by CGP, The Laurasian Institution is partnered with Cultural Vistas in this endeavor.




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New Perspectives: Japan (NP:JF) Fellows Program


The New Perspectives: Japan Fellows Program is currently not running. Available on a highly competitive basis to a limited number of teaching teams of two non-Japanese language teachers willing to participate in pre-departure study and post-program follow-on activities. Funding covers the full costs for the program for the teaching team and four students. The first three years of this program were open to schools in selected states in the central Great Lakes region. Pending funding, the next three years will focus on another region of the United States.


University Mobility in Asia and the Pacific (UMAP) Program

  Modeled after the Erasmus program in Europe, this student exchange program is designed to ensure confidence on the part of both students and their sending institutions in the quality of the programs at foreign institutions to which they have access through UMAP and to facilitate the process of transferring course credits. The program has just begun its pilot project phase, and full exchanges are expected beginning the the autumn of 2002. All baccalaureate degree-granting institutions are eligible to join the U.S. UMAP consortium, thereby providing their students access to a full range of participating overseas institutions on a reciprocal basis. Currently, individual students are not able to participate without a member institution sponsor.   Brochure

The program brochures listed above are available in downloadable pdf files. To read these files you will need Acrobat Reader. Acrobat Reader software is available for free download from the Adobe Systems web site. To obtain Acrobat Reader, select the button at right and follow the instructions given for your operating system.  
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